Timeout Talks: Will to Win

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In fourth grade, Will Douglas was already a champion.

Over eight years ago, Douglas led his fourth grade basketball team from Memphis, Tennessee, to a National Championship. Now a freshman guard for the Mustangs, he hopes to find the national spotlight once again.


When SMU found themselves hit with multiple substantial injuries throughout the season, Douglas had big shoes to fill. Douglas established a role model in teammate Jarrey Foster, both on and off the court.


Despite averaging 2 points a game in his first collegiate season, Douglas demonstrated his versatility on the court. Overall, the 6’5” freshman averaged 14.5 minutes a game.

When reflecting on the season, Douglas cites the 66-60 upset over then No. 2 Arizona in the Battle of Atlantis as his fondest memory. An upset win over a top-ranked team in the Bahamas is an obvious favorite amongst the Mustangs and their fans – doesn’t get any better than that. But for Douglas it does: it was on his birthday.


Before every game, Douglas’ routine includes music by Weeknd and Drake, putting on his iconic headband, “absolutely no napping” and, of course, team meals.

“We usually have steak and pasta before games, but I’m really a big fan of Cane’s,” said Douglas, adding, “We don’t have Cane’s in Memphis.”

The self-proclaimed “goofball” has found his home in Dallas, complete with his team and his beloved Cane’s.

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