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For Fall Break this year, I jetted off to none other than New York City the second my midterms ended. After five blissful days walking the Central Park sidewalks, littered with fallen leaves on a crisp afternoon, I am officially done with the Texas warm weather.

I’m not sure about you, but I am fully ready to break out my chunky sweaters, booties and scarves and embrace the fall spirit.

This year, even more exciting than the thought of cozying up on a brisk autumn day is the fantastic fall fashion coming out this year. Still slightly disillusioned in my longing for fall, I have already started filling up all my drawers with my great cold weather finds.

So what can you expect to see lining the shelves this fall?

All Fringe Everything

Rachel Zoe PC NMarcus.jpg
(Courtesy of Neiman Marcus)
Stell McCartney PC NMarcus.jpg
(Courtesy of Neiman Marcus)

At first, I wasn’t so sure about this trend. Fringe can easily go down the Pocahontas path, and no one wants to go there. So I decided to sit back and see where designers would take this trend and I have been surprisingly impressed.

Fringe dresses are what I am most excited about. I mean, what is more fun than spinning around in something with fabulous fringe? Stella McCartney even got in on the hype and put her own touch on the trend with a metallic fringe version of her classic Falabella tote.

Kimono Tie Coats

BBDakota PC RevolveClothing.jpg
(Courtsey of Revolve Clothing)
Ted Baker PC Bloomingdales.jpg
(Courtesy of Bloomingdales)

No matter your body type, a waist tie can do wonders for any figure. This season, we are seeing belt ties added to spice up many of the traditional coat offerings. Designers are even taking the ties to a new level with varieties coming in faux leather and herringbone patterns. Either way, this is a timeless twist on the classic winter coat that you will need when the infamous Dallas ice storms roll around.

Toasty Turtlenecks

Free People PC FP.jpg
(Courtesy of Free People)
HM PC HM.jpg
(Courtesy of H&M;)

The turtleneck has gained a bad rep over the years. Usually they are paired with grandma jeans for an atrocious combination that never looks good on anyone. Someone somewhere decided to revitalize this trend and brands and designers are starting to catch on and are putting a new twist on this grandma-chic garment.

This season there are turtleneck sleeveless tops, turtleneck dresses, and, of course, the traditional cozy turtleneck chunky sweater. Pick your turtleneck poison and pair it skinny jeans and heeled booties for a cozy outdoor autumn dinner party.


Vans PC Nordstrom.jpg
(Courtesy of Nordstrom)
Vince PC NMarcus.jpg
(Courtesy of Neiman Marcus)

I still remember wearing little Vans tennis shoes back in my playground days, so you can imagine my surprise when these slip-ons started to become popular again last year. This season, though, these classic shoes are no longer restricted to the basic colors they came in back when I was in elementary.

Now we are seeing slip-on sneaker in every color, texture, pattern and fabric one can think of. One of my favorites is definitely Vince’s lizard-print skater shoe in a vibrant oxblood hue. Pair these comfortable kicks with boyfriend jeans and a chunky sweater and you are ready to take on the bitter cold.

Here are some of my favorite fall trend items for all prices and budgets by all my favoite designers. Happy fall shopping!

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