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Dallas is home to different personalities

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Dallas is unique in that some areas of town completely different from one another in atmosphere and style. Deep Ellum is known for it’s arts, bars, nightlife, breweries and mouth-watering food at its restaurants. West Village is the go-to spot for shops and boutiques such as Kendra Scott, Gap, J.Crew and restaurants such as Taco Diner and Mi Cocina. And, Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District is home to the coveted brunch spot Oddfellows and independent boutiques such as The Opportunity Market, Blue Dahlia along with art galleries, bars, coffee shops and many other restaurants. These three unique areas of town each offer a different scene of Dallas that can make visitors feel as if they are in a completely different city.

Deep Ellum

Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum district, located east of downtown, dates back to the late 1800s. Since then it has grown into an area filled with restaurants, bars, boutiques and what it’s most known for — art. Deep Ellum goers can enjoy their iced coffee or beer on a hot Texas day surrounded by the many colorful murals. This scenic Dallas area inspired Jade and Clover owner, Giselle Ruggeberg to make Deep Ellum a home for her boutique.

Deep Ellum, TX Photo credit: Lisa Salinas
JC 2.jpg
Jade and Clover mannequin Photo credit: Lisa Salinas

“When you go to New York or LA I feel like anything goes, Dallas is not really that way except there are certain pockets that are,” Ruggerberg said. “In Deep Ellum anything goes — it’s very free, it’s not very judgmental. Whatever your style is, as long as you can rock it with confidence, it’s cool and no one judges it.”

Deep Ellum does not offer the typical Dallas-glam style. Ruggerberg compares Deep Ellum to a a very well-known part of New York because of its ambiance and free sense of style.

“To me, that’s very Brooklyn and it’s cool to see that coming here to Dallas,” Ruggerberg said.

West Village

West Village is located off of US-75 on McKinney Avenue and offers a variety of luxury apartments in addition to its many stores, boutiques, restaurants, salons and The Magnolia movie theatre. You can find just about anything you may need in West Village. Unlike Deep Ellum, West Village has a specific style and demographic. Shop September Manager Savanah Fletcher said that she believes West Village is the go-to area for the up-and-coming and well-established working woman.

Shop September Boutique Photo credit: Shop September

“West Village is a little more of that business demographic, like the working woman in her 20s, 30s or 40s, not really students but an older demographic, people established in their careers,” Fletcher said. “The style is a little more preppier. There are boutiques here that have the fast-fashion, trendy, blogger-type style and there are stores like us who do designer and it’s streamline for an older customer.”

The West Village style is overall contemporary and preppy according to Fletcher.

Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District is home to over 60 independent boutiques and restaurants, according to its website. Located in the heart of Oak Cliff, Bishop Arts offers an environment that attracts tourists and the Dallas dwellers alike. Sales associate at The Opportunity Market Mariadna Chavez says that Bishop Arts offers a cool and easy-going ambiance.

Bishop Arts3.JPG
The Opportunity Market interior displays Photo credit: Lisa Salinas

“It’s pretty laid back, kind of boho,” Chavez said. “You do see people that are more dressed up but generally speaking, the people that are actually from the area are pretty laid back.”

The Opportunity Market is focused on items that are fair trade. The store serves as the middle ground between artisans and customers and offers an array of merchandise, from accessories, home goods and clothes.

“The vibe that we have here is very boho, very relaxed and easy to wear,” Chavez said.

Check out any of these locations and see for yourself the different environments Dallas has to offer.

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