Everything you need to pack for Spring Break

You’ve survived midterms and now you are ready to let off some steam. Thankfully, an institution somewhere foresaw this dire need for a break from work and came up with Spring Break. If you are like me, then you have been counting down the days until you finally get to walk onto that plane or plop down in that car seat.

Every year, thousands of college students flock to popular Spring Break destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Destin, Florida, or the Bahamas. After the past few weeks of blistering cold weather, the warm sun is a much needed change. Yet others opt to bring a group of friends to the snow for a week of skiing, snowboarding and fun in the mountains of Aspen or Vail.

Whichever climate you are escaping to, the packing process can often be overwhelming, especially since you are still cramming for your midterms right up until you jet off. The key to sane packing is to do it in outfits, not just throw random contents of your closet in your suitcase.

Below are necessities you don’t want to leave campus without, with everything from sunglasses to sweaters to sandals. So make sure you run through this list before you zip up your suitcase and head out, bags in hand!


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