Fall Break fashion for every jet setter’s destination

(Courtesy of CellaJaneBlog, DallasShaw and TheCourtneyKerr Instagrams)

If you are like me, you may find yourself throwing things into a suitcase hours before you board your flight for a big trip. Every time I tell myself the same thing: Start packing early!

Unfortunately taking a break to watch one episode of Scandal usually turns into watching an entire season and the next thing I know, it’s two days later and my Uber is outside ready to whisk me away.

When I fall victim to the grab-and-go method of packing, I usually arrive at my destination with a mix of completely incoherent tops and bottoms, and heavy jackets on a beach getaway and swim suits for a ski weekend.

After too many suitcases full of random items, half that I hate and half that can’t make a complete look, I have come to the conclusion that the only successful way to pack is to pack full outfits.

To aid me in putting together stylish sets for wherever my jet set may take me, I turn to my favorite bloggers and their online fashion diaries. These fashionistas’s Instagrams offer a quick and easy fix of inspiration with just some simple scrolling.

Enter LIKEtoKNOW.it, a link and hashtag that these bloggers can insert into the caption on their photos that send the outfit info straight to your inbox. That to-die-for fringe jacket? Those killer over-the-knee boots? All of it delivered to your mailbox with a double click, making those outfits even easier to put together.

So, for this edition of Fall Break fashion, I stole some inspiration from this very platform that has come to my aid so many times before. Whether you are driving down to Austin for Austin City Limits music festival, or you are a senior embarking to ever-notorious Las Vegas, or, like me, you are trading one big city for another and heading to New York, let these trend setters help you pack your bag for every SMU student’s favorite four day weekend.

Ciao and safe and trendy travels!

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