Fashion honors year of the dog

By: Taran Stahle

Feb. 16 marked the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The vibrant colors of red and gold are displayed around the country for one of the largest celebrations. Red is a symbol of happiness, so it is associated with many big festivities in the country.

2018 is the year of the dog, and fashion labels around the world are sharing their own unique twist on the year-long event. Brands everywhere are incorporating dog patterns or the celebratory colors into their newest releases as a way to commemorate the Chinese calendar change. It is only fitting that with the biggest party of the year comes some of the biggest clothing, sneaker and bag drops.

Vans collaborated with designer SANKUANZ and created a special collection for the year of the dog. With the phrase “DO NOT PET ME I AM AGGRESSIVE”, Vans produced a pair of red suede, black suede and white leather sneakers, as well as black velvet slip-ons. It also came out with six apparel items to match the collection of shoes. These items are available for purchase at all vans stores and retailers.

Gucci released a 63-piece limited edition line inspired by the Year of the Dog celebration. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele advertised his extreme love for his Boston terries, Bosco and Orso, by plastering their faces on nearly every item in the collection. Unveiling new items including wallets, backpacks, bomber jackets and sneakers, Gucci displayed its enthusiasm for the new year with dog designs and red or gold colorful creations.

Moschino developed an adorable, six-piece range with a cartoon puppy on every item. The products are in red and gold accents, matching the holiday’s décor. The T-shirt dress, phone case, or even the backpack are all perfect purchases to help honor the Chinese new year.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.11.32 PM.png
Moschino celebrates Chinese New Year with a six piece collection including ready-to-wear and accessories.

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