Flashback: Freshman Fashion

Waking up 30 minutes before her 8 a.m. class and throwing on a XL t-shirt with athletic shorts is Senior Eileen Barrett’s typical morning before her classes, but it wasn’t always that simple when compared to her freshman past.

“I used to try and look put together and cute for my classes, but now I realize there’s not much of a point,” Barrett said.

Barrett in 2016 Photo credit: Alexa Slenders
Barrett in 2013Barrett in 2016
Barrett in 2013 Photo credit: Alexa Slenders

Other seniors say they are dressing down for their final year, too.

“It’s a good morning for me if I comb my hair before class,” finance major Grant Rising said. “I’d say my style is the same as it always has been, I don’t pay much attention to it. Half the time I smell it to make sure it’s clean, then just put it on.”

Grant Rising
From left to right: Jack Johnson, Daniel Condrey, and Grant Rising in 2013. Photo credit: Alexa Slenders
Grant Rising
Grant Rising in 2016. Photo credit: Alexa Slenders

Seniors say that when they were younger they were always excited for the school year to start, and that translated into them primping for their day: hair washed and styled, makeup fully applied, and their outfit carefully styled before stepping out of the door.

As seniors, students may realize that there are more important things to do than perfect one’s eyeliner at 7:30 a.m.

Even some teachers take notice to the senior year changes.

“I’ve noticed my students take a more relaxed approach to fashion as they grow older,” English teacher Chelsea McKelvey said. “Especially my earlier morning classes, it seems that students like to just roll out of bed and come to class.”

Seniors say they are now starting to realize how much an education plays a role in their future careers and they better start learning fast because the real world will be here in a snap of their un-manicured fingers.

For senior Brooke Roberts there have been many fashion faux pas made during her first year in college, especially when going to parties.

“I used to go all out for themed parties my first year and made sure I had the best costumes,” Roberts said. “Now I usually always wear something black and wear sandals every chance I get.”

Brooke Roberts
Brooke Roberts at a rave themed party in 2013. Photo credit: Alexa Slenders
Brooke Roberts
Brooke Roberts in 2016 going to a bar. Photo credit: Alexa Slenders

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