Game-changing technology is making you a Fashion Week insider

With the introduction of social media fashion week has become more accessible than ever. Tools like Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram Stories can take you behind-the-scenes in real time and show you the collections through the eyes of editors, bloggers, celebrities, models and social media influencers.

The next in line for tech tools to check on your fashion week lineup is a simple one – Google. The latest in a line of tech giants who showed their interest in the fashion industry launched a special search feature this week.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.55.53 PM.png
Google provides updates throughout Fashion Month.


With the help of former Maxim editor Kate Lanphear (The New York Times called her the Eva Chen of Google) the company built a unique search feature that will last the duration of fashion month, WWD reported. If you search “fashion week” or “designer + fashion week” you’ll be welcomed with up-to-the-second news and information from designers and brands, plus a calendar of shows, so you’ll know what to check and when. Users will even be able to shop looks from brands like Burberry and Tom Ford as they walk down the runway, WWD reported.

Google’s feature debuted just before the new (Condé Nast’s new luxury e-commerce site), which was re-introduced to the fashion world on Friday, The Cut reported. Pre-Vogue Runway the site was the place to go for runway reports and images. Now is promising to be the best in online shopping, but there’s a catch – for now the new site is only available in the UK.

Sounds like Google stepped in at the right moment. With so many bloggers, social media stars and brands now devoted to live-streaming shows there is sure to be nothing less than a whirlwind of information available on whatever collection interests you.

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