Hats, high fashion flood Kentucky Derby despite rainy weather

The Kentucky Derby is a prestigious horse racing event where the fashion never disappoints. The women wear dresses with elaborate hats while the men wear classic staples.


This year, the trend seemed to be bright colors. There are always pops of pigment at the Derby, but this year the crowd was covered in color. Despite the rainy weather, this Derby was one for the books.

Sara Klein and Brooke Oliver, a former SMU student
IMG_3614-1 (1).jpeg
Author Courtney Novak and Erica Wilson enjoying the sky deck.

The Ladies: There are always a variety of looks at the Derby, but one thing does not change – the classic styles. There were many midi dresses as well as short cocktail style dresses seen. I loved to see all the monochromatic looks with one solid color from head-to-toe. That style is timeless and classy.

Frankie Fotopulos and Grant Troutt in the Paddock
Hudson and Erica Wilson

The Gentlemen: The men kept it classy and simple this year. Usually there are some wild suits seen, but for the most part there were many simple styles this year.

The trend seemed to be blue for men. Whether it was a light seersucker or a deep navy, the men gravitated toward the hue.

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