Retail Club hosts Baldwin pop-up in Cox

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Beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday, Retail Club opened the doors of the E&Y Gallery in the Fincher Building so students could discover Baldwin.

Baldwin is a clothing brand that was started by Matt Baldwin in 2009. He really enjoyed the concept making denim covered in bling and embellishments. During this time, people wanted a modern, fun look with a nice denim fit, so Baldwin catered to those needs. Now, his company fits more needs than just jeans.

Kari Mesh is the general manager at the Baldwin store on Knox Street. She was at the pop-up explaining the company, the brand and the store. She was very vivacious and excited to share Baldwin with the students.

“We are really based on customer service. We love being part of the community,” Mesh said. “It’s easy to shop with us online, or to visit us in the store. We are very customer driven.”

Kari Mesh, general manager, discusses Baldwin. Photo by Kelsey Gwinn.

This statement proved true with her curiosity about every person in the room. She asked questions about what people liked and genuinely cared about their answers. Accompanying Mesh was a sales associate named Morgan O’Hare. She was a bit younger than Mesh, but just as vibrant about Baldwin.

“Baldwin really works with your lifestyle and is very comfortable. The clothes can be worn in basically any season, especially the jeans,” said O’Hare.

O’Hare enjoyed showing the students the clothing provided by the company. She thoroughly described every article, and even provided some fun style advice. Students really became engulfed in her words, especially junior Emma Sheean.

“It was nice to see a local boutique represented at SMU because I had never heard of it before even though I’ve passed it a dozen times on the street,” said Sheean. “Now that I have been to the pop-up though, I totally have to go check it out.”

According to Mesh, GQ named Baldwin one of their top men’s designers. This statement was easily demonstrated through the clothing, which were stylish and innovative. This pop-up certainly did not disappoint the nosy students who wanted to learn a bit more about a fantastic brand.

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