SMU Junior shares involvement with fashion media

SMU junior Brooke Reagan showcases her personal style. (Rebecca Keay / The Daily Campus)

Brooke Reagan, a junior from California studying journalism, fashion media and communication studies, has become increasingly involved with fashion throughout her time at SMU.

She is the author of the blog Brooke du Jour.

When did your interest in fashion start?

I feel like as long as I can remember because I was that little girl who would go in to her mother’s closet and wear her necklaces and I would have my little feet in her big glamorous high heels.

Define your personal style.

I definitely have a feminine and traditional style, but with more of a modern update.

I’ve never met a bow I didn’t find darling, and I guess my heart will always belong with the color pink, just a very girly, feminine style.

When did you start your blog?

I started Brooke du Jour in August 2012 so I am still really new and learning all about it.

I’ve been stalking fashion blogs for years and it was kind of like a leap of faith to start my own.

But I’m really happy with it I’ve been having so much fun with the whole process.

Why did you decide to make a blog?

Originally, I was thinking it would be really smart for internships because a lot of my friends who got very envious jobs last summer used their blogs kind of as an online portfolio to showcase their design and writing skills so I was like ‘I feel like I’m behind, I need to start doing this.’

What are your goals in terms of your blog?

My goal is to post three times a week, and I do outfit posts, and product collages, and now I’m going to start adding more interviews.

I want to diversify the content a bit more. And as a journalism major I’m such a nerd and I love finding stories, so I want add that and be a little more interesting to readers.

I’d love to add some video content down the line, which I know how to do from my basic video class but it just takes so much time.

Are there any blogs you follow ‘religiously’?

Oh yeah, I have the most insane style crush on Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. Then I really love Jacey Duprie from Damsel In Dior and then Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere, everyone loves her.

Who is your favorite designer?

Can I have multiple answers? I love Tory Burch for her classic handbags and boots.

I feel like if there’s one designer I constantly go to it’s definitely her.

I also really love Kate Spade for her pop of color and design.

And I like Milly. Recently all of her designs are so light and lovely and feminine. I have recently completely fallen in love with her.

What are your favorite brands?

I feel like it kind of goes hand-in-hand with the designers.

Basically, a huge part of my style and what I want to convey on Brooke du Jour is smart shopping for the college girl budget.

Yes I have expensive taste, but obviously everything I wear is not going to be designer, so definitely shopping at Forever 21 and Gap for trendier pieces, and then investing in a nicer handbag that I will have until my death bed.

What are a few items you cannot live without?

Well I wear my Gap jeans every single day, they’re so comfortable. They’re just my straight skinnies.

I curl my hair with these retro hot rollers because the irons don’t really work on my hair so I’ve been using those every weekend.

What else? Chanel foundation. I’ve tried every single one in the universe and that is my favorite.

I go to CVS for mascara and stuff like that because I feel like the beauty industry is a semi rip-off.

What is your favorite trend right now?

I am always a fan of florals for spring. Not exactly ground breaking.

I love emerald, I interned for the night at Fashion’s Night Out, and they had all the emerald then and I was so excited about it.

Apparently it is Pantone’s color of the year. I own a lot of the deep emerald, it’s such a pretty, rich hue.

Where do you get your inspiration for your style?

Definitely fashion blogs. I’m on those like all the time. I also have next to my bed the biggest stack of magazines you’ve ever seen.

Street style too because sometimes I’ll see someone wearing something I really like and I’ll take that and put my own spin on it.

Definitely celebrities. Camilla Belle. She always looks so pretty on the red carpet. She has never worn anything that wasn’t absolutely stunning.

I love Amy Adams, she always looks so classic and proves that redheads can wear red. I could name off a thousand people right now.

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