SMU’s most fashionable alumnae: Christina Geyer

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Christina Geyer is a well-versed writer in the world of fashion media. For over two years she worked as managing editor of FD, the Dallas Morning News’ style magazine. This position allowed Geyer to get behind-the-scenes looks at fashionable occasions such as the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. She has also worked as an assistant editor at PaperCity Magazine and a Dallas-based city editor for

But in April 2009, Geyer was a SMU junior studying journalism and art history when she realized the campus was lacking a daily source of fashion and lifestyle happenings.

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Geyer cofounded the fashion and lifestyle blog SMUStyle in April 2009. (Photo by LinkedIn)

Geyer and her friend Sarah Bray were both writing for the Daily Campus at the time, but believed SMU’s student newspaper lacked consistent space and coverage for fashion. One WordPress account later and SMUStyle – a fashion and lifestyle blog that personifies Dallas style – was created.

“Sarah and I both had big dreams of pursuing careers in fashion/lifestyle magazines, so we thought why not start a blog where we can write about the topics that interest us on a daily basis,” Geyer said.

The pair taught themselves the ways of WordPress, tinkering with the site and utilizing “how-to” articles and videos. In 2009, fashion blogs hadn’t quite burst onto the scene and social media sites hadn’t reached their full potential. Instagram – every current fashionista’s faithful sidekick – wasn’t launched until October 2010.

“We had to really navigate the digital landscape on our own,” Geyer said. “It was a lot of fun though.”

The proof is in the product. Almost seven years later, SMUStyle is still going strong. Each year, a new group of student editors and writers constantly provide content on, according to its website, “where to be, what to eat, and how to look good while doing so.”

SMUStyle’s current team of student editors and writers pose outside a new store in Dallas. (Photo by SMUStyle)

“What I love more is that [SMUStyle] is a learning tool and a way for students – like Sarah and I were – to create great work that will hopefully translate into clips that will help them land internships and jobs in the future,” said Geyer.

Launching SMUStyle and the skills it required definitely helped shape Geyer’s life after graduation. She credits the experience with teaching her how to become a self-starter, able to realize what she wants and how to go for it.

“In every job I’ve had since launching SMUStyle, the ability to take a project and run with it on your own has come in handy,” said Geyer.

For anyone interested in starting a fashion blog today, Geyer advises the key is an original point of view. In a world now filled with blogs of every kind, bloggers must pay close attention to details and provide topnotch content in order to set themselves apart from the competition.

“Blogs and personal sites are an extension of your brand and your image; you want it to represent who you are and the level of work that you stand behind,” said Geyer.

Natalia (Nati) Bru, current SMU junior and editor of SMUStyle, believes Geyer’s views are still upheld on the blog. Its team of student bloggers doesn’t automatically love a style just because it’s considered to be “on trend,” and vice versa. They promote individuality, rather than style conformity.

“SMU students have such a strong sense of style because the campus is so diverse when it comes to culture,” Bru said. “It’s truly incredible to see the mix of style and personalities around campus, and that’s what we try to capture on the site.”

So how does Geyer recommend someone lead a stylish life?

“Edit, edit, edit,” Geyer said. “I love that saying. It should go for your wardrobe and every aspect of your life.”

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