Snider Plaza boutique carries designs by SMU alumna Taylor Custer

By Hannah Blake

Taylor Custer, a graduate from SMU’s Cox School of Business, turned her creative hobby into a partnership with Snider Plaza-based jewelry boutique Gemma Collection.

What initially made me want to sell my pieces at Gemma Collection was Adriane’s emphasis on carrying jewelry from local Dallas-based designers,” Custer said. “There are so many stores in the area that either carry mass-produced pieces or very high-end fine jewelry, and Adriane’s was the first to carry something in the middle; pieces that are high-quality, handmade and from local designers.”

Taylor Custer.jpeg
Custer's handmade pieces are characterized by their bohemian flare and unique wire wrapping. Photo credit: Taylor Custer Jewelry

Gemma Collection, owned by Adriane Sack, opened its doors in September 2012. Although Sack has said that older women are her best customers, Gemma Collection attracts a number of SMU students, as well as moms living in the Park Cities.

A native to an Austin, Texas suburb, Sack explained that she recognized the importance of supporting local designers from a young age. Gemma Collection’s handpicked inventory of local designer products reflects her roots, she said.

Custer makes all of her jewelry by hand at her home in Dallas. Her pieces, characterized by their bohemian flare and unique wire wrapping, are extremely versatile, making them suitable for everyday wear. She also uses a variety of gemstones as well as colorful agate volcanic rock.

“Designs like Custer’s remain top-sellers because they can’t be found at NorthPark Center and other chain retailers,” Sack said. “The unique design aesthetic of Custer’s designs allows her pieces to stand out.”

Custer’s jewelry is available for purchase at Gemma Collection, located at 6715 Snider Plaza, and on her website at

Gemma Collection is an affordable, contemporary jewelry boutique that carries products from over 40 different designers, including both local and better-known individuals. It is open six days a week and for private appointments on Sundays. For more information, visit

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