Summer Savvy: A guide to staying cool and stylish in the heat

Summer officially began June 20. But, if you’re a Texan, you know the scorching heat begins way before June 20 and will sometimes last to the beginning of September. Below are the 5 top summer trends to you can incorporate in your wardrobe to not only stay stylish, but as cool as possible in the heat, wherever you may reside.

1. Palazzo pants

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Jeans are simply out of the question during the summer. An alternative? Palazzo pants. This ‘60s pant trend is a perfect jean substitute. These cool, loose-fitting pants come in an array of colors and patterns and can be easily worn as evening or daywear. Try pairing the pants with your favorite band tee and 2-inch heeled sandals for a day look and a silk lace-top and wedges for eveningwear. Palazzo pants are sold at most fashion retailers, including Zara, Forever21, FreePeople and Nordstrom.

2. Short overalls

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Although denim is not ideal during the summer, denim short overalls can still keep you cool. This maintenance outfit can be paired with almost any tee or blouse and shoe style and is sure to keep you stylish this summer. Try a solid cotton tee and platform sneaker for a day outfit and wide-sleeved blouse with lace-up flats for the evening. Overalls are also sold at most fashion retailers including H&M and even Target.

3. White-button down

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Even though the white button-down top is considered a staple item rather than trend, it a perfect piece to have this summer. Wear it at the beach over your swimsuit, at the office during your internship, or over denim shorts during brunch. White-button down tops can be found at any retailer, including Banana Republic and Target.

4. Off-the-shoulder tops

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An off-the shoulder top is a great piece to spice up your summer outfit and also get a nice shoulder tan. Pair it with palazzo pants, a wide skirt or shorts. This piece can also easily be worn during the day or evening. Off-the-shoulder tops are sold at any retailer, from Forever21 to Neiman Marcus.

5. Knee-length skirts

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Last but not least, a knee-length skirt is an essential for the summer wardrobe; pair it with a basic blouse, band tee, lace silk top, or even an off-the-shoulder top. And for shoe options? The limit does not exist. Pair this skirt with sneakers, sandals, heels, even wedges. Wear this piece for a night out on the town or during an office meeting. Knee-length skirts are sold at most retailers including Urban Outfitters, Zara and Banana Republic.

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