The hottest trends this fall

Fall Fashion Weeks are always full of jaw dropping moments, but the real fun comes with spotting a trend that can actually be worn in everyday life. From ‘70s inspiration to utilitarian styles, learn all about this fall’s top trends that will take anyone from the classroom to a night out on the town and everywhere in between.

That ‘70s Clothes

The ‘70s were big for handicrafts, so woven details like leather weaving and braiding really capture the essence of the decade. Find this fall trend on belts, shoes, boots and bags and pair it with flared jeans, button-front skirts and flow-y dresses. Search Etsy for some great vintage-inspired woven detail finds.

Whether in cognac brown for some beautiful boho inspiration or black for a look that screams glam rocker, fringe is a fun and easy way to add a dash of ‘70s to any look, without going into full hippie mode. Fringed purses are the perfect solution for college-aged women who still want to embrace the flower child style but not look juvenile.

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In the past year, full brimmed hats have burst onto the fashion scene once again and seem to be here to stay. Master the trend this fall in a wide brim felt hat in brown, black, burgundy or mauve. Pair your favorite topper with a romper for Sunday brunch with the girls or with a dress, knee-high socks and riding boots for a look that’s comfortably cute while sitting in class all day.

A silk scarf was the quintessential accessory in the ‘70s and today’s fashionistas are jumping onboard. Loop a silk scarf twice around the neck, or the handle of any handbag, or wear a long skinny scarf casually draped around the neck to nail this look from the past. Not a scarf person? Adorn the neck with a long medallion necklace instead. Plus, mom and grandma’s closets might be the best shops for these trendy pieces for free.

Blush Rush

The rosy tint is having a major moment this fall; so don’t brush it off as too innocent. Considered the new neutral, blush is going to be everyone’s go-to this autumn. Be on the lookout for metallic finishes, furry textures and distressed details to give this once sugary sweet shade a sassy attitude adjustment. Whether in clothes, shoes or accessories, definitely don’t miss this blushing trend.

Military Mood

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Say farewell to checkered skorts and tucked in polos, this fall’s utilitarian styles will be the new favorite uniform. These fatigues will bring everyone to attention with their edgy elements like grommets, buckles and rivets. Pick out a new dress in a gorgeous army green or a military-inspired jacket to master this surprisingly simple trend.


Whether slip-on or lace up, no one can go wrong with a pair of high tops when the weather cools down this autumn. Plus, with rich textures and added features, this season’s spin on the classic sneaker is sure to kick any outfit’s casual style up a notch. Shearling-lined, embellished toes and heels, buckles, suede and prints are just some of the details not to be missed on fall’s high tops.

Not So Summertime Sadness

Make the most of any wardrobe by working warm-weather beloveds into even the chilliest of months. Layers over a printed dress keep the look cozy but still chic. Swap sandals for booties and a hat suitable for cooler temps and a new favorite fall outfit is ready to go. Tights will save skirts and shorts from only seeing the insides of dressers and closets until the New Year, and a collared shirt looks both covered and polished under summer’s trendy crop top. Pair that floral tea length skirt everyone fell in love with in June with a chunky sweater to love it even more this fall and winter.

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Match Point

For the most impact, wear one shade on multiple outfit features or coordinate makeup with clothes. Wearing a fiery crimson dress and complimenting it with bold red lips will project total confidence. A flushed face paired with a monochromatic light pink outfit will look sweet and chic, while electric blue liner and matching nails will look edgy and sleek. Pick a fave shade and run with it.

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