Tokyo fashion icons influence culture

Tokyo natives are often revered for their immaculate street style. Japan’s capital boasts more than nine million people, and many have mastered the art of ‘chic.’

Watanbe and friends and Vogue Japan Women of the Year 2016 Photo credit: Naomi Watanabe Instagram

One of the biggest celebrities in Japan is also becoming the country’s fashion icon. Naomi Watanabe is a famous comedian who stars in a comedy series, Kanna San!, about a plus-sized fashion designer. She was one of Japanese Vogue’s Women of the Year list in 2016 and recently attended Gucci’s Spring 2018 runway show. She wears clothes complementing her figure and is best known for signature hair style, double buns.

Yoon Ahn with CR Fashion Book EIC Carine Roitfeld Photo credit: Yoon Instagram

Another of Tokyo’s most fashionable women is Yoon Ahn, the fashion designer of her line, Ambush. Her skill is impressively self-taught, and her designs include “raw-edged trench coats and chain-embellished denim, tables of sterling zip-tie chokers and pins,” according to Vogue. Ahn embraces bold feminism and style.

Emi Suzuki Photo credit: Emi Suzuki Instagram

Emi Suzuki is another icon in Tokyo. The Chinese-born-Japanese model, designer, and Editor-in-Chief of S’eee magazine showcases her impeccable style on her Instagram and blog. The blogger often wears neutrals but spices them up with a bright collar, lip, or nail color.

Tokyo is booming with fashionable people and trends. For a more Japanese take on style, try bold jumpsuits, pops of color, wide-leg pants and dramatic skirts.

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