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Photo credit: Lyndsey Eaton

Jetsetting for shoots, sitting in the best seats for fashion week, and staying up late writing publications for the next day was the typical day for TomboyKC’s Lynsey Eaton—until baby Edith happened. 8 months later, one could find Lynsey juggling the baby, a laptop, her iPhone, and some spit on her shirt hoping to meet her deadline for the upcoming morning.

“I went to this group at church for new moms and basically all we did was cry and talk about how hard it was… I used to call it my support group of people addicted to their old lives. Learning how to function again” Eaton said.

Becoming a new mom is one of the largest life milestones. But its not just parenting that is hard to get your head around—but also how to be a stylish, fashion industry mother while balancing the workload.

“When you run your own business that’s what you do… especially when you do so much of it yourself you cant shut down,” Eaton said.

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Photo credit: Lyndsey Eaton

Eaton worked tirelessly up until the day she had Edith—and then went back to work the day after.

While many mothers take time off, the industry didn’t give Eaton this option; instead, she had to stretch her connections thin and explore help in different cities.

“The good thing is we have photographers in six different cities… a lot of profiles on high profile people it helps to be able to do that… when it started I was doing the photography myself” Eaton said.

Having a baby made Lynsey put a lot of work, and her own work ethic into a new perspective.

“I did prepare for that time—I didn’t do tons of work. I worked harder the months before to have a bunch of stuff done knowing it was going to be hard. Thought it was going to be enough it wasn’t.”

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Photo credit: Lyndsey Eaton

And while being a mom and being an editor of a blogger may be two of the hardest jobs, being pregnant was a challenge in itself. Lynsey explained she didn’t want to spend money on clothing she would only wear for nine months.

“I was told to take my jeans that I like and have pockets taken out and put elastic in… I never bought pregnancy items. Being smart about fabric choices and silhouettes,” Eaton said.

Quality over quantity is her motto and it most definitely is seen in everything she puts a finger on. After a six years of books and practicing law, she realized her

truest form of happiness was the fashion scene. Eaton’s work ethic has never been anything short of exemplary…

Lynsey Eaton, collaborating with her coeditor, friend, and actress- Katie Cassidy- have made names for themselves in the industry. After launching the blog in September of 2013, the blog now has 45,000 followers on Instagram, over 5,000 followers on twitter, and over 100,000 blog views a month.

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Photo credit: Lyndsey Eaton

The blog separates itself from others by focusing on street-wear meets Hollywood glam between the two editors.

“Dallas serves as TomboyKC’s home base, written out of Eaton’s off-Greenville residence, while Cassidy travels back and forth between Dallas and Vancouver, where her television show, Arrow, is filmed.” Said former intern in an email interview, Shannon Lindee.

Lynsey’s most notable part of the blog is her section, Letters from Lynsey.

In Lynsey’s “Letters from Lynsey” she recently wrote about maintaining her identity.

“It is so easy to get wrapped up in the monotony of keeping this little human alive that who I am outside of “mom” seems to have jumped ship. Like crumbs falling out of a hole in the bottom of the bag, little by little, you keep losing pieces of yourself without noticing until you reach the bottom and realize there is nothing left. Who was I before this? Better yet, who am I now?” Eaton writes.

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Photo credit: Lyndsey Eaton

Eaton explains in her latest letter that becoming a mom made her appreciate other moms and their work ethic now that she knows what its like.

Shannon Lindee, a former intern for the blog, explained before being a mom, Eaton’s work ethic was nothing short of inspiring.

“My favorite part of being a mom… it’s the meaning of love… and that sounds so sappy and cheesy and so not who I am as a person, but kids are amazing and I would say my favorite thing is the perspective that I now have and the appreciation I have for my own mom and love for everything she did for me… and the appreciation I have for all of the moms out there that I completely prior to this moment give them credit” Eaton said.

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