Two major fashion brands earn high ranking for reputation

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The Reputation Institute, the world’s leading research and advisory firm for reputation, recently released its annual brand reputation rankings and two major fashion brands grabbed a spot in the top 10.

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Adidas shoes and T-shirt. Photo credit: Pinterest

The ranking is based on over 240,000 ratings from 15 countries and evaluates the reputation of a brand based on several factors, including products and services, innovation, leadership and performance.


Swiss watch brand Rolex grabbed the top spot on the list, which, given the status of the brand and its products, is not too surprising. The other fashion brand to make the list, however, was more surprising.

Adidas came in at number 10 on the list with a score just three points lower than Rolex. The German sports brand was recently named the “most relevant” athleisure brand and has made huge advances in the past few years from its once-outdated athletic attire.

The brand launched new collaborations with big name designers, including Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang. Adidas also tapped rapper Kanye West to create a new line of sneakers. The YEEZY BOOST running shoes were a massive sensation, continually selling out minutes after stock replenishes.

With these high-profile collaborations, not only did Adidas increase its brand variation, but it also conquered everyday street fashion.

Stan Smith sneakers are some of the hottest street sneakers on the market right now, and have resonated with everyone from SMU students walking across campus to influencers at Fashion Week.

The brands logo has also become increasingly recognizable. T-Shirts and sweatshirts are popping up everywhere with the Adidas logo. Other brands and organizations are also adopting Adidas’ logo style on their own clothing, something multiple sororities on campus have recently done.

The athletic brand has come a long way in the past decade. When it seemed that brands like Lululemon had taken the sportswear market from classic brands like Adidas, the German brand has been able to remain relevant, and in this case reputable.

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