Where to find style this holiday season

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We all love receiving presents. But sometimes, giving the perfect gift can be a bit of a challenge. Instead of racking your brain trying to come up with just the right outfit or accessory, let The Daily Campus do the shopping for you. All you have to do is buy the wrapping paper.

Clotheshorse Anonymous, a women’s designer resale store on Preston Road, is every girl’s best-kept secret.

“We started 40 years ago but our look isn’t 40-years-old. We have everything from Gap to Gucci,” said Jan Kennedy, Clotheshorse Anonymous owner and co-founder.

Kennedy and her business partner, Nancy Ungerman, got the idea for Clotheshorse Anonymous after a trip to New York City.

Ungerman visited Encore, a resale shop so famous that even Jackie Kennedy sold her Hui Couture there, and purchased an Emilio Pucci dress for $28. At the time, there were no consignment stores in Dallas, so Kennedy and Ungerman brought the idea of “The Payless Pucci” to D-town.

So if you’re looking for Christian Louboutins to rock at your next sorority formal, check out Clotheshorse Anonymous.

“You can’t get into too much trouble. You’re paying 1/3 of the price,” Kennedy said.

Movida Boutique, located just walking distance from campus in Mockingbird Station, offers trendy fashion at an affordable price. Movida Boutique’s jewel-tone statement necklaces, which range in price from $18-$28, would make a great, wallet-friendly present for your best girl friend. Don’t forget to get yourself a cozy, warm, plaid scarf too.

“[We draw in a younger crowd because of] our prices and the fact that we carry limited items. We’re not a cookie cutter type store. Our employees are around their age, so we know what they’re looking for and what styles are in. We make people feel comfortable,” Sonia Aguirre, Movida Boutique’s co-manager, said.

Last but not least, Shop Douleur is a luxe, online experience that doesn’t break the bank. A sequin, gold dress is priced at only $34.50 and screams New Year’s Eve. It should be on the top of your list to Santa. If you’re looking for something to wear while you cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa, Shop Douleur’s red, navy and white striped sweater is the perfect complement.

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