Your next interior design project is in the (shopping) bag

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Next time you go shopping at your favorite boutique, be sure to keep the bag your packages travel home in. Why? Because that empty bag could be the key to your next interior design project.

Interior design projects can be confusing concepts. So instead of pinning hundreds of ideas on Pinterest or spending hours at West Elm deciding what should adorn your walls, let your fashion sense be your guide.

Frame your favorite designer shopping bags to create a collage that will stand out more than the canvases and mirrors your friends have hanging in their apartments.

For decor that is both inexpensive and oh-so-personalized, try framing your favorite designer shopping bags to create an eclectic collage. Photo credit: Pinterest

Based on your personal style and shopping habits, mix and match bags emblazoned with your favorite brands like Givenchy, Kate Spade and Cartier.

It’s smart to start with basic black and white logos, like Chanel or Prada, and then add colors like orange (Hermès) or blue (Tiffany & Co.). Use simple frames that are solid black or white to keep it looking clean.

If you don’t have bags from your favorite brands, or if those you have are the wrong size or color for your collage, sites like eBay offer a variety of designer bags you can purchase to complete your design project.

This designer decor is both inexpensive and oh-so-personalized. Think of it as just one more reason to shop.

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