5 In-Demand Careers for People Who Love Math

Math is all around us. Some people fight it, like the individuals who dreaded going to algebra class in high school. But others embrace math and love the logical problem solving that comes with numbers and complicated equations. If you identify with the latter, congratulations, you’re a math nerd! Lucky for you, there are a plethora of ways you can turn your love of math into a profitable career.

Empire State of Grind: Your Career and NYC

Countless people have moved to New York City with the mantra, “If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere,” playing on a loop in their heads. For many people, it’s just where you go when you have a lot of ambition. But while it’s home for tons of happy residents, it’s also a city of extremes. It’s easy to get caught up in the feeling that you must always be striving for more, and that can lead to burnout in a hurry. Here’s how to respond if your efforts to build up a career in NYC are starting to bring you down.

Practicing Law In Canada

I could use some help settling a small debate with my roommate. He’s a pre-law student majoring in justice studies, and I’m a political science major. Earlier this week, we got into some joking about leaving the U.S. to pursue careers instead of staying here.

I was arguing that it might be possible to make the same amount of money working as a lawyer in Canada as opposed to in the U.S. He’s very skeptical about it and said because the economy and market are much smaller, there’s just no way to make the same amount.

That makes superficial sense to me. Aren’t there other factors that might let someone have a better legal career in Canada instead of the U.S.?