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Therapy dogs relieve students’ stress during midterms


Nothing is more calming than petting a puppy and Daisy, Samson, and Jackson were the dogs for the job. The Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity partnered with volunteers from the Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs to help relieve students’ stress during their ... More »

The best and worst of frozen pizzas


Emily Heft, food editor, and friends reviewed personal-size pizzas found at local grocery stores. Some were great, some were woefully lacking– all pizza is not created equal. Red Baron Single’s Cheese Deep Dish Crust: Tastes like a real pan pizza. 4/5 Cheese: ... More »

Movies to get you back in the college mood


1. Project X This movie is one big party. Yes, the kids are in high school, wrecking that poor boy’s parents’ house, but it’s got a great soundtrack and plenty of slow motion rager scenes that will pump you up just in time for the return of Home Bar Thursdays.... More »