Delay Decay, Forever

I recently went home to Edmonton, Canada, to visit family for the holidays. My older sister and brother-in-law had their toddler with them, which really enlivened the mood. Still being in college myself means I’m nowhere near ready to have kids or even consider them yet. My sister admitted openly that children change things radically, which is no surprise, although I’m sure the real thing is far more intense.

During my stay, we had a number of discussions about proper healthcare for children. It’s something I took for granted because I have no memory of my own earliest years and never bothered to ask my parents about them, at least in the context of my health. I was surprised to learn that affordable healthcare isn’t necessarily guaranteed for kids and many suffer from preventable conditions. Is that a widespread thing?

Sustaining Your Smile

I had a kind of upsetting realization the other day: I have no idea when I last went to the dentist. I really mean that: I can’t remember any visits to the dentist since sometime in middle school, when I got my braces off (and, actually, that’s an orthodontist, right?). I’m sure I went at some point, but the memory is lost to time now, and it’s a sure sign that whenever it was, it was a really long time ago!

I’ve been “adulting” better and better with each passing year, and I’ve decided that, for my next trick, I will make my good dental habits reappear. So I have questions: is dental work covered by health insurance? How often should I go to the dentist? Do I need to go to the orthodontist, too? Will I have to pay big bucks to go to either? Thanks in advance, experts!