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Union Coffee House changes locations


Union Coffee House, originally located by SMU campus at 5622 Dyer St. Suite 100, closed. Plans for a move are underway, but Union Coffee is asking for the community’s help. Union Coffee House is currently looking for donations to open a new location in Old Eas... More »


Why money actually can buy happiness


We’ve all heard parents or teachers preach that money can’t buy happiness, but what exactly does debt buy? Whether you like it or not, money runs the world (sorry Beyoncé). At this point, I already hear people calling me a no-good, greedy capitalist and I’ll t... More »

Letter to the Editor


The term alma mater—nourishing mother—has great significance. When we leave this university, we will be left with much more than a prized degree. Social and political activist Gloria Steinem, Tuft University’s commencement speaker in 1987, said it best: “I am ... More »

Tower Scholars Program gifted more than $4 million


SMU has received donations totaling more than $4 million for its new Tower Scholars Program, an immersion experience for undergraduates in public policymaking through the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies. Highland Capital Management L.P. contrib... More »