6 Basic Things You Should Know About Finance and Economics

Were you aware that learning about finance and economics can help you build wealth?

Many people have a general idea of what finance and economics are, but few people know about the differences. Whether you’re getting a masters in economics and finance or want to better manage your money, you must know several things about how money works.

To save you time, we’ll go over the main info you should know about finance and economics. This will help you build wealth and decide whether pursuing a career in this field is right for you.

Understanding Cryptocurrency

I have a couple of friends who are really into cryptocurrencies. They’ve been swapping crypto for a while, and some of them have made a lot of money! They’ve encouraged me to get into crypto, too, and I’m honestly pretty intrigued. But I’m also very wary of investing in anything that I don’t fully understand myself — and I have to admit that I don’t understand cryptocurrency at all!
I’ve heard of the big cryptocurrencies, of course: my friends trade ones like XRP, for instance. But I don’t understand how cryptocurrencies actually work, or what they’re used for, and that makes me nervous. My friends seem to be bad at explaining all of this, so I’m hoping the experts can help!

How Car Loans Work

I’m graduating soon, and I’m going to be on my own financially. One of the things I’m sure I’ll have to do pretty soon is buy a car, as I’ll be moving off campus and won’t necessarily have easy access to my new workplace. But I’m not sure I understand how car loans work. What determines the rates on those–it’s my credit, right? But how is my credit calculated? And should I even take out a car loan at all, or is taking on debt to buy a vehicle a bad idea? Experts, please help!

Advanced Investing

I have a few investments that I’ve inherited, and I plan to invest more when I graduate and get a job. I know that individual investors are generally advised to just stick to simple stuff and invest safely, but I also know that there are some famous investors – like Warren Buffett, for instance – who managed to make incredible fortunes in the stock market. What do those investors do that we, as individuals, can’t (or shouldn’t)? Or is there something I can learn from these big investors?

Automate AML?

I could use some advice settling a little debate with my roommate. We’re both college seniors getting ready to graduate this coming May. His degree is in accounting and mine is in computer science. He wants to become a licensed CPA, and I want to go to grad school for robotics.

Earlier this week, we got into a debate about white-collar crime. I was frustrated because of how widespread financial crime and corruption is in the market, and my roommate was trying to disagree. I was proposing that in a lot of cases, resorting to automation is probably safer and more efficient than existing methods.

My roommate asked for examples. My first one was global investing, since he’s a proponent of algorithmic stock trading. He wasn’t very convinced with the example, but I couldn’t think of any others because I don’t know much about financial crime. Are there other examples where technology can or already is preventing financial crime?

Building a Stable Future

I’m very worried about my financial future. My friends and family tell me that I have no reason to be – that I’m getting a great education and will have no trouble saving money and keeping myself in good financial shape. Still, I worry about it a lot.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I feel very unprepared for the future, financially speaking. I don’t think I properly understand how to save, budget, and invest. And I’m worried that my career outlook isn’t as rosy as my friends and family think, because you never know when you might be laid off or when the entire economy might take a sudden downturn. Experts, can you assuage my fears at all – or perhaps give me some advice that will make me feel more ready for the future?

Online Oversight

My friends and I are pretty active on social media, so we’ve been a little weirded out by some of the stuff that’s been going on lately – you know, the issues with Twitter and harassment, and with Facebook and “fake news,” and all of that stuff. We were talking the other day about Facebook’s plans for combatting revenge porn by having their staff look at user nudes, and everyone had some really strong opinions on it. One of the things that kept coming up was the question of whether the government is ever going to step in and regulate these sites more. Regardless of whether or not that’s a good idea, how likely is that to happen? What do the experts think the future of social media regulation will look like?

Finance and the Future

I’m graduating this year, and I’m freaking out. Not about leaving college or about getting a job (well, not mostly about those things, anyway)–what I’m really worried about is managing my money. I want to save for retirement, build credit so that I can buy a house, and so on. But I also know that most Americans are way behind on their savings and don’t necessarily have good credit. Seeing as I know absolutely nothing about how to invest or build credit, I’m really worried that I’ll end up in financial trouble like so many others have!