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‘Haze’ director talks emotion, impact


David Burkman is the writer and director of the 2017 film “Haze.” The film is exactly what it sounds like: a look into the world of hazing in fraternity and sorority life. The film is based on Burkman’s experiences in college, still relevant with four hazing-r... More »

Kappa Alpha suspension surprises no one


Editor’s note 10/12: This article has been updated to provide more context regarding the fraternity’s relationship with the Confederate flag. So it happens again. Last year it was Lambda; this year, it’s Kappa Alpha. Which fraternity will be next? How soon wil... More »

Fraternities don’t promote brotherhood


Ah brotherhood, the rallying call of fraternities everywhere. It is the central principle that these age-old organizations stand behind, but how well do they actually fulfill on their promises of brotherhood? To me it seems as if the fraternity system has morp... More »