WATCH: Spring cleaning tips, preventative botox in your twenties, unique boutiques, DIY food & more on ‘The Look’

This week on The Look… we profile a Dallas shop that’s teaching men how to suit up in style. Plus, spring cleaning tips for your closet, a look at the growing trend among women in their twenties using preventative botox, DIY food and more. There’s all of this and more in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, so come take a look at The Look!

Get to know the owner of Gypsy Wagon boutique, Carley Seale

Carley Seale doesn’t spend much time at her desk. She can’t remember the last time she sat at it, or whose notes now clutter its surface. The owner of Gypsy Wagon spends days doing anything from balancing accounts from home, to ringing up customers at the bottle-cap-topped counter, or stopping by the store’s nearby distribution location.