Avoiding Harassment Issues at Work

I want to start a business someday. It’s my big career dream, and I think I can make it happen. I’m willing to work hard to get it done, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little worried about the risks. I’m very worried about the kind of stuff that won’t be in my own control, since I’ll be at the top of the company, like employee conduct and the sexual harassment kind of stuff that has been a big problem for companies in the #metoo era. However, some of my friends think I’m being insensitive or that I’m wrong to worry. Experts, what do you say?

Same Song, Different Tune

I’ve been struggling with a tough situation for a long time without any idea how to address it. Many months ago, at the beginning of the fall semester, my roommate got what seemed to be a terrific job offer downtown. She’d worked very hard on the application, and when she landed the interview, she prepared for at least a week before it happened.

We were both elated when she got the official offer letter. Unfortunately, it was only a few weeks into her stint that her mood changed. She stopped discussing work and then became increasingly withdrawn. Her dad even pulled me aside discreetly during a short weekend visit and asked if I’d noticed anything suspicious. I didn’t have much to tell him, because she hadn’t even told me much.

Last night, I decided to change that, and I confronted her directly. She immediately tried to brush me off but eventually revealed that her direct superior at work makes unwelcome advances on her. She’s politely evaded him for the time being, but I told her that wasn’t enough. Shouldn’t she be submitting a formal complaint? How can I persuade her to do that?