Caring for Your Skin

For the most part, I like the way I look. I think I have a pretty healthy self-image. I work out and I stay pretty skinny, even if I don’t always eat that well. And I try to dress my best, too. But I do have one embarrassing problem that I’ve been dealing with since middle school, and it doesn’t seem to ever go away: I have bad skin.

It’s really not the kind of bad where you have to go to the doctor, though. It’s not like my whole face is covered in acne — it’s just that I always have at least some acne, pretty much all of the time, and I feel like my skin is oily sometimes and dry at other times. It always looks bad. Most of my family members have pretty good skin, so I don’t know why this happened to me — plus, since my parents have good skin, I never really learned how to fix mine. Experts, what should I do?

Lasting Habits, Lasting Health

For a long time now, I’ve been trying to get healthy and lose weight. I’ve struggled with my weight on and off since middle school, and no matter how many diets and exercise plans I try, I can never get them to stick. I’m guilty of trying fad diets, sure, but I’ve also tried some really straightforward ones that involve calorie-counting and basic stuff like that. But, still, nothing works! Experts, can you help me? How can I get good at eating right and exercising – and not just relapse after a short time?