Taking Control of Your Healthcare

My roommate is a nursing major, and she keeps telling me I need to take better care of my health. I don’t want to admit she’s right, but, well, she’s right. But the thing is, I went to the same doctor from the time I was born until I moved to campus. Obviously, I can’t do that anymore. My parents say I’m still on their health insurance, but where do I find a good doctor in my current town? I could use a little expert advice because right now, I’m feeling so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start.

Getting the Most Out of Your Car

Am I the only one who finds the idea of buying a car incredibly intimidating? I’m not talking about the process of going to the dealer, choosing a car, negotiating a price, and all of that. I’m talking about the actual concept of buying a car and owning something that costs as much as a typical car does! I don’t want to drive around in clunkers for the rest of my life, but I’m also really wary of putting a ton of my money into one single object that could be stolen or ruined. Also, what if I’m just bad at taking care of my car? I’d slowly ruin something that’s worth more than anything else I own. Is there another way to look at this that I’m missing?

High Hospital Bills

I was recently involved in an accident that landed me in the hospital. I’m happy to report that I’m okay now! The care that I received was really top-notch, and I’m very lucky to be doing so well. But I have to say, great care didn’t come cheap: my hospital bills were very, very high. Why is it that healthcare is so expensive? Is there any way to make it cheaper? I know how important it is to have health insurance, and I have it, but my policy didn’t exactly make my hospital stay affordable – it was still really pricey. Can the experts weigh in on this?

Love and Legacies

I’m an only child from an old-fashioned family, and I’m about to graduate college with my long-term girlfriend. So you can guess what my family is talking about: marriage, kids, and a whole new family: mine!

I’m very happy with my relationship, but I’m dragging my feet for a whole other weird reason, and it’s one that feels a little paranoid to say. I’m worried about what will happen to my family if I die. I know that sounds morbid, but if I had kids, I’d consider myself responsible for them (who wouldn’t?), and I remember a family friend years ago telling some awful story about a father who died and left his whole family in dire financial straits. I don’t even remember the friend, really, just the story – clearly it had an affect on me! What if I get run over by a truck, or something, and my family ends up all alone?

Anyway, I’m paranoid and rambling – can your experts reassure me with some kind of stats about life expectancy, or something?