Practicing Law In Canada

I could use some help settling a small debate with my roommate. He’s a pre-law student majoring in justice studies, and I’m a political science major. Earlier this week, we got into some joking about leaving the U.S. to pursue careers instead of staying here.

I was arguing that it might be possible to make the same amount of money working as a lawyer in Canada as opposed to in the U.S. He’s very skeptical about it and said because the economy and market are much smaller, there’s just no way to make the same amount.

That makes superficial sense to me. Aren’t there other factors that might let someone have a better legal career in Canada instead of the U.S.?

Limiting Liability

Ever since I was young, I’ve had an irrational fear – well, at least I hope it’s irrational – of being sued. I think I’m so fixated on this because my parents both have very strong feelings about lawyers and lawsuits. Every since I was young I’ve heard about how we live in a “litigious society” and about how people will start a lawsuit over pretty much anything. I’m almost afraid to own a car because of how often it seems that people get sued over car crashes. I’m afraid to go into any career – like medicine – where people can get sued easily. I’m certainly afraid to own a pool – we never had one growing up because, according to my mom, some neighbor’s kid would jump in and drown and we’d get sued.

I’m trying to get a grip on my worries here, and I’m hoping the experts can help. How at risk are we all, really, of being sued for no reason?