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Letter to the Editor: Every Mustang will be valued


Dear students, During last week’s referendum on an LGBT Student Senate seat, some students reported that disrespectful, anonymous comments were posted on social media. These reports are extremely troubling because such behavior by any student would conflict wi... More »

I was wrong about the LGBT seat


By Alex Ehmke Two years and 2,000 miles away from SMU, my past still catches up with me and reminds me I failed. I spent my first two years in Student Senate espousing clever arguments for why interest seats were ridiculous, and my second two nominally support... More »

Take election results seriously


By Carl McClain Let’s set aside all arguments surrounding the LGBT senate seat, campus homophobia, etc., and concentrate on one simple idea: treating elections seriously. Through our student body officers, Senators, and Constitution, we can democratically disc... More »

Administration: take action against bigotry


When I first came to SMU, I learned “Every Mustang Will be Valued” — but you know what? That “will,” that tiny little word, is striking such a harsh nerve at the moment. From what I’ve seen of bigots online (via YouTube, Facebook and especially Yik Yak) LGBTQ ... More »

Don’t fight for the wrong side


Imagine for a moment that we are a newly racially integrated SMU in 1966, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was invited to speak to the student body. There are only 15 students of color on the campus. Race is the most prevalent Civil Rights issue at the forefro... More »

Senate seat about more than representation


By Samuel Digiovanni In the past few weeks my friends have come to me asking for my opinion about the LGBT Senate seat, which ultimately failed to pass by a two-thirds majority last week. As one of the only LGBT people in my group of friends, everyone was curi... More »

LGBT senate seat fails to pass


After 10 years of failed attempts to gain an Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender seat in the Senate chamber, history repeated itself this week. Election results yielded 59 percent of the votes in favor of the LGBT seat referendum. The bill failed to gain th... More »