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Tunes to guide you through elections


Elections don’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to read about it from a boring political blog. We made this playlist to help guide you during this confusing time of politics. 1. Every Breath You Take – The Police “Every step you take / I’ll be watching y... More »

Mustangs for Life: Promoting human dignity


By Chris Thrailkill On Dec. 10, 1948, a newly formed United Nations established the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Articles 3 and 5 of the Declaration are as follows: Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. No one shall be subje... More »

GOP takes Senate 2014


To start things off, I’d like to come out swinging by making a prediction that the Senate and House will be taken by the Republican Party after all is said and done in the 2014 midterms. Let’s look at the two extremes of the fight. On one side, you have the ye... More »

Will the balance of power change?


Not many voters know or care about midterm elections. In fact, voter turnout in the 2010 midterm election was about two-thirds what it was in the 2008 presidential election. This trend will most likely continue in this year’s mid-terms. This lower turnout is u... More »

Texas toss-up for governor


  Texas Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott weren’t pulling rabbits out of hats Tuesday night with their respective primary wins in the race to replace Governor Rick Perry. As Fox News Politics reports, the two candidates “cruised” to their wi... More »