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Democrats keep safe distance from Obama


The beginning of March means one thing for college students: midterms. But as SMU students head to Fondren to study for their chemistry labs and history seminars, the United States Congress heads into midterms of their own. It’s midterm election season, which ... More »

Poor choices could doom Democrats


The state of Texas is a strange case of political warfare in the last couple of elections. While the big cities in the Lone Star State tend to lean more to the left, urban areas give the GOP overwhelming support, both financially and at the polls. Some of that... More »

Ted Nugent needs to just go away


Republicans have long promoted Ted Nugent as a hero, a fundraising icon and a gun-rights crusader. They need to stop doing this, because they are making fools of themselves. Nugent, an ex-rocker long since forgotten as the man responsible for “Cat Scratch Feve... More »

Obama keeps playing it safe


When I voted for President Obama, I wanted a hardcore liberal. So far, I have yet to see one. I wanted Obama to fight for the change he called for during the campaign and win. During his first term, some of that happened, but not nearly as much as I had hoped.... More »

Student predicts the next few months in politics


As I’m writing this opinion piece, members of Congress are working frantically to hash out a resolution to reopen the government and avoid defaulting on the country’s fiscal obligations. While I haven’t read the text of any possible bills being considered, her... More »