Pricey Prescriptions

I take a few different types of medication regularly. It doesn’t usually affect my life here at school, but it’s sparked some interesting conversations with my roommate. She’s very into natural health and supplements, to the point where she can actually be kind of suspicious of traditional medication. I’m not going to stop taking my meds anytime soon (I need them!), but I do enjoy debating her about health sometimes. When we were talking recently, she brought up the cost of my medications compared to her supplements. I have to admit, my meds aren’t cheap. Why are prescription medications so expensive? Is it because of the companies that make them, or the government, or what?

Alarming studies show prescription drug abuse on the rise

Shocking results from several studies show an explosion of prescription drug abuse among young adults and teens. Awareness about this growing problem on college campuses brings new attention to an ongoing problem. What college students need to know about the risks and dangers of prescription drugs such as opiates and sedatives commonly abused by young people.