Nobody’s Noteworthy Notions

Today marked the anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration. I stood in solidarity with tens of thousands of others here in my college hometown to protest hate and discrimination. The emotional energy was palpable, contagious, and exhilarating. Several passionate humanitarian advocates gave thought-provoking speeches.

One particular speech that caught my attention focused on exploring the things that make us similar while still celebrating our intrinsic differences. The presenter recited dozens of compelling examples. The most vivid comparison he made was between the three major religions around the world.

I realized during his remarks that I’ve spent my entire life completely ignorant of Islam and its core teachings. My family is Christian, but I consider myself pretty secular. That’s no excuse, though. I left the event with an overwhelming sense of duty and obligation. How can I learn more about the history of Islam and get some meaningful exposure to what the faith encourages its followers to do?