Data Will Do It

I’m worried about my parents. For years, they’ve run their own business, but the past few years have been really hard for them. It started getting rough my last year of high school, and, as far as I can tell, it’s just been getting worse. What’s weird, though, is that just a few years before, the business had been growing like crazy! Over time, customers started complaining that the business wasn’t staying on top of everything or as reliable as it used to be. It’s like my parents couldn’t keep up with trends or marketing or something – they keep saying they like to manage all their numbers and inventory and stuff “the old-fashioned way.” To be honest, I think that they just didn’t have the tools to handle the business once it started to do so well.

I’m a music major, not a business major, and I haven’t taken any classes that might help me understand this more. Can you help me?

Protecting Student Privacy

Like a lot of people, I’m a little concerned about how my private information is protected on the internet. I know that vital information about me is on the web in the care of companies large and small, from the bank I have my savings account with to the online stores I order things from.

These companies spend big to protect my data – I know that. But what about my university? They have a ton of my information, and they control the Wi-Fi network I’m most often on and the email account I use. They have more ways to track and store my data than any other organization I can think of. How can I be sure that they’re caring for my data?