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Funding your SMU Abroad trip


Financial meetings for students interested in SMU Abroad programs are being held to ensure every student has a chance to travel beyond the SMU campus. The Federal loans students obtain during the regular semester can apply if not do not use them during the fal... More »

SMU summer abroad funding


Studying abroad provides students an educational opportunity to see the world and immerse themselves into different cultures. SMU provides many options for students to study abroad. On Wednesday January 27, the SMU Abroad and the Office of Financial Aid are fa... More »

SMU: Accept Semester at Sea


When people ask me what the most valuable lesson I learned from my study abroad experience was, the answer comes easily: fearlessness. When I say fearlessness, I’m not talking about your generic Disney movie “follow your dreams” boldness. This brand of fearles... More »

First-year Switzerland program brings change


With SMU’s admissions standards rising, it has become increasingly difficult for students to gain acceptance to the university. However, in the fall of 2013 SMU started a new program: for some students, who would otherwise be waitlisted for a semester to the u... More »