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Cutting-Edge Comfort


My parents are reasonably tech-savvy people, so I’d like to get them something kind of tech-related for Christmas this year. They have a nice house, but it’s getting a little older, so I thought perhaps some smart home technology might be a good choice. But no... More »

Roommates find their niche with new app


Say goodbye to those uncomfortable run-ins with roommates. Thanks to a new app, Uni Niche, roommates can stay updated with each other’s whereabouts with a free private timeline on their smartphones. “We wanted to create something to make the experience of livi... More »

Negative influences of technology


Wake up, turn over, grab phone, check Facebook, update Twitter, upload photo to Instagram, Snapchat a friend: the normal morning of an American teenager. The 21st century is a time when the Internet and technology rule. According to a report by Mary Meeker, th... More »