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A look at the Texas governor election


The nominees for governor of Texas, Greg Abbott (R) and Wendy Davis (D), are not a surprise. Each candidate is highly favored within his or her respective party. The primary election for governor was not exciting. However, the race for governor will be a close... More »

Texas toss-up for governor


  Texas Senator Wendy Davis and Attorney General Greg Abbott weren’t pulling rabbits out of hats Tuesday night with their respective primary wins in the race to replace Governor Rick Perry. As Fox News Politics reports, the two candidates “cruised” to their wi... More »

Poor choices could doom Democrats


The state of Texas is a strange case of political warfare in the last couple of elections. While the big cities in the Lone Star State tend to lean more to the left, urban areas give the GOP overwhelming support, both financially and at the polls. Some of that... More »

Ted Nugent needs to just go away


Republicans have long promoted Ted Nugent as a hero, a fundraising icon and a gun-rights crusader. They need to stop doing this, because they are making fools of themselves. Nugent, an ex-rocker long since forgotten as the man responsible for “Cat Scratch Feve... More »

Texas abortion law stirs up controversy


With the passage of the Texas abortion law (SB 2) in July, Texas has become a battleground for the abortion debate across the country. SB 2 placed restrictions on abortion clinics in Texas. The law bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requires doctor... More »