Small Town Travels

I love to travel, but I’m intimidated by big cities. I don’t know what it is – I’m usually good at being out of my comfort zone, which I think is part of why I like traveling so much, but cities just seem to bother me. So, this summer, I’m thinking about taking a road trip through some of America’s coolest small towns. I’m asking all over the place for recommendations, and I’d love to have some from travel and vacation experts. What are America’s best small towns? How should I lay out the perfect small-town road trip?

Fun and Free Time on Vacation

I’m going on vacation with my parents next summer, and I have some mixed emotions about it. I’m excited, of course: we’re going to Hawaii, and that’s something that a poor broke college student like myself could never do on his own. But I’m also apprehensive, because my mom is a planner – a really, really serious planner. She fills every moment of every day of these vacations with one thing or another, and it can be really exhausting.

How can I talk to my mom about slowing her roll? I want to go to Hawaii, but I also want to, you know, actually enjoy the experience!