Recreation on the Road

My friends here at school and I have decided to take a trip together this summer. The consensus seems to be that we’re going to head on a road trip. I’m pretty excited, but I have to admit that I have some misgivings, too. Going on a road trip puts us in awfully close quarters for an awfully long time, and I would hate for that proximity to add any strain to my best college friendships. None of us owns a particularly large car, so we’ll probably take two small ones, and things will be pretty cramped. And I don’t think we’ll have a ton of money for accomodations, either, so there will be a lot of people in each motel room. What can I do to make sure that we get through this trip without learning to hate each other?

Jobs and Geography

While I’ve been in school. I’ve made some money as a freelance writer. I write blog posts, marketing copy, and things like that. I know that freelancers don’t get some perks that full-time employees get (health insurance, etc.), but I’m thinking that I’m going to try to make it as a freelancer for a while when I graduate. And a big part of why I want to do this is that I want to work remotely and travel.

I’m very confident in my choice of career, but I’m not as sure about how I’ll manage the travel and remote work from a legal perspective. For instance, is it legal to work in a foreign country for an employer in the US?